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Tennessee Titans News: Sup, Tuesday?

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Turn and Face the Strange: Titans News from Jerlindsey

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Titans News!
Harry Douglas is raving about new rookie receivers Corey Davis and Taywan Taylor. Douglas has shared the field with some great receivers in his ten years of playing, and he can't definitively say how Davis and Taylor will pan out, but he's already impressed with what he's seen. Douglas says both receivers are special, and that he loves their work ethic and how they both make plays. Both Davis and Taylor have said Douglas has been great, and has been a big help. Douglas told them to never hesitate to ask him for help if they need it, and that they can come to him for anything.

Quick Hit: Have the Titans made the right offensive moves to be contenders in the AFC South?

It's a pretty brief mention here, but the Chiefs are reaching out to interview candidates for their open GM position, and they've reached out to talk to Titans director of player personnel Ryan Cowden. They are also wanting to bring in Scott Fitterer from the Seahawks. They are also going to talk to a few guys in-house.

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