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Tennessee Titans News: Sup, Monday?

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans News from Jerlindsey

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Titans News!
Wyatt drops six questions before training camp occurs in five weeks. How will the team handle Mariota during preseason? Mariota has made huge progress in his recovery, and should be all good for training camp. Will he be turned loose during preseason games? Guess we will wait and see. What will the receiver position look like? My prediction: awesome. Who will win spots in the secondary? How will Dodd look? Who will be used in the return game? His final question: how will the numbers game play out at several positions?

Quick Hit: Jim Wyatt opens his mailbag and answers some stuff.

Jason Wolf takes a stab at projecting the 53 man roster. He has the team carrying over 2 quarterbacks, and 3 running backs. He has them keeping 10 lineman on the offensive line, and 3 tight ends. The position of the most interest though: receiver. He has them keeping Davis, Matthews, Decker, Taylor, Sharpe, and Weems. On defense he has them holding onto 4 defensive tackles and 2 nose tackles. Inside and outside linebackers are 5 for each, and 5 cornerbacks and 4 safeties. Special teams is pretty obvious. He has Weems and Muhammad as kick returners, and Jackson and Weems as punt returners.

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