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Tennessee Titans News: "It was worth it."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans News from Jerlindsey

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Titans News!
Avery Williamson is wanting to make more splash plays in the 2017 season. Williamson says he has been working on solidifying plays, and says he is comfortable out there now. He says it is now more about taking chances, and not being scared to make big plays. Mularkey says he has seen a change in Williamson and that he is physically bigger, running well, and his weight is great. Williamson says the culture has definitely changed on the team. He says he believes they have all matured as a group, and that it is night and day compared to what it used to be. He goes on to say that when he first joined the team there was a lot more selfishness on the team, but now everyone is willing to "pay the price to be great."

Quick Hit: "Hey Mariota"

Rookie running back Khalfani Muhammad could be a nice compliment to Henry and Murray. Running back wasn't really a priority when the offseason started, but Mularkey and JRob visited Cal's pro day, and left impressed with Muhammad. Mularkey said Khalfani had a really good workout when they were there, and they were really impressed with his speed. Murray is expected to remain the main back, and Henry will be his counterpart. Muhammad would serve as that change of pace back, and would add an element to the running game that was missing last season.

Quick Hit: Does Sharpe have a tenuous grasp on a roster spot?

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