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Titans News: MariGOATa Day on the Twitter

Where’s Lindsey??

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

Is it possible to love a throw? Yes, because I am in love with this throw:

Here is something else to love:

I told you Twitter loved Marcus Mariota today.

The NFL announced that the Titans will open training camp on July 28th. That means we are just over a month away from the opening of training camp. WE CAN MAKE IT!

Casey Cramer, former Titans player, is now the Titans chaplain. The Dartmouth Alumni page did a neat feature on him here.

On one hand this is tough to watch because of the world class athlete that Tim Shaw was, but man is he a guy that should be admired:

The Chiefs parted ways with GM John Dorsey today. It is a really odd move considering the timing and the fact that he was a pretty good GM.