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Derek Carr just got Paid; What does that mean for Marcus Mariota?


Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Derek Carr just got paid. He’s now the highest paid player in the league, reportedly. What does this mean for the Titans? Well, Marcus Mariota is on Derek Carr’s level, so you can connect those dots there.

Marcus Mariota is going to be in Derek Carr’s position very soon. Mariota’s two stellar seasons so far have him looking squarely at a contract very similar to Carr’s. But the arrow is pointing up for quarterback contracts, which is only natural. Contracts are just going to keep topping one another as the salary cap rises.

Next season, maybe around this time, you’ll hear plenty of contract talk surrounding Mariota and Jameis Winston. Both of those two are likely going to break the bank in 2018.

Mariota’s deal runs through next year, but just like Carr — you would expect a deal to get done ahead of time. There’s no reason why Mariota’s contract won’t live up to Carr’s 5 year, 125 million dollar contract, if not exceed it.

This is why you didn’t see Jon Robinson go chase A.J. Bouye or Alshon Jeffery. Building through the draft and retaining your own pieces is the far more effective strategy. The Titans have plenty of room to start that next year with Taylor Lewan and Marcus Mariota.