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Tennessee Titans News: "The NFL's hipster division."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans News from Jerlindsey

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Titans News!
Gregg Rosenthal says that the signing of Eric Decker has further fueled the hype train for the Titans. He said the team simply wasn't quite there last season, but the team has overhauled their receivers, and the changes in the secondary during the offseason have pushed the Titans to be the "It Team" of the AFC. He breaks down Robinson's moves, and talks about Mariota, but he also says the AFC South is there for the taking. He says the Texans are at least two years behind in developing a franchise quarterback, no one knows when Luck will be ready to throw again, and Jacksonville looks good on paper, but that's about as far as it goes with Jacksonville.

Quick Hit: Marcus Mariota is the best young quarterback in the NFL.

Klug is anxious to rejoin his teammates on the field. Klug is still recovering from the surgery he had on his Achilles, and he hates that he is missing practices, but he says they have him on a good schedule, and he is still doing his rehab and working hard to get back onto the field. He said he mentally prepared himself for a long recovery time when he learned he would need the surgery, and so he is actually being pretty patient when it comes to waiting this out.

Quick Hit: The Titans and Mariota will now be facing big expectations in 2017.

Bonus Link: Why the Titans are set up to end their lengthy playoff drought.

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