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Tennessee Titans News: All about Decker

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans News from Jerlindsey

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Titans News!
Eric Decker has lived in Nashville since 2012, and he used to joke with his wife that he would one day play for the Titans. Well. That joke has become a reality. Decker says that signing with the Titans was "kind of a perfect storm," and that he wanted to find a team that was the right fit for him, and where he could help out. He said this team is on the rise, the coaching staff, J-Rob, Mariota, the locker room, and the mentality of the team. Five or six teams spoke to Decker when he was released by the Jets, and he just felt like Tennessee was the right fit for him.

Eric Decker says that he learned a lot from Peyton Manning. He learned more about the receiver position, how to read defenses, and how to "do things the right way" on the field. Decker is hoping he can bring those same things to Tennessee. He brings experience to the team, and also provides Mariota a big target, and is also a threat in the red zone. He is also the fourth player to join the team with Super Bowl experience.

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