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Which Titans would you protect in an expansion draft?

A fun offseason topic.

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The NHL has an expansion draft coming up on June 21st. Each NHL team is allowed to protect 8 “skaters” and 1 goaltender (You can see the players the Predators protected here). That means those players are not eligible for the expansion draft. The rest of their players are at risk to be selected by the expansion Vegas Golden Knights.

The NFL isn’t expanding anytime soon, and the last time they did each team had to list 5 players that were eligible for the Texans to pick, but let’s pretend for a minute that the NFL was doing something similar to what the NHL is doing. Which 9 players from the Titans would you protect?

The list obviously has to start with Marcus Mariota. You know all of the reason why that is, so I am not going to waste any time listing them all.

Next you look up front at the two offensive tackles- Taylor Lewan and Jack Conklin. Those guys are both really young and on their way, if they aren’t there already, to being the best offensive tackle duo in the country.

Delanie Walker would have to be next. While he might not have that many years left in his prime, he is the guy that this offense is going to run through for the next season or two. Losing him would set Mariota, and the offense as a whole, back pretty significantly.

Then you come to Corey Davis. It might be crazy to protect a guy who hasn’t played an NFL snap, but Davis has the ceiling to be a game-changing receiver in the mold of Terrell Owens (who should be in the Hall of Fame).

Switching to the defensive side of the ball, Jurrell Casey is obviously where you start. Like with Mariota, the reasons here are obvious.

You almost have to protect Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan next because of the lack of depth the Titans have at the position. If one or both of them were to get selected in an expansion draft, the Titans would be in big trouble in terms of a pass rush.

So that’s 8. That means we only have 1 spot left to be used by one of the following; DeMarco Murray, Derrick Henry, Rishard Matthews, Logan Ryan, Adoree’ Jackson, and Kevin Byard. For me it has to be a running back because of the offense the Titans want to run. The choice between Murray and Henry is a tough one, but I am going to protect Henry because he went to Bama and I love him because he is younger and has more life left in his legs at this point.

There’s my list. Who would be on yours?