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Product Review: NIMA Titans Helmet Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

This would look pretty sweet at your Titans tailgate or watch party!

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The good folks over at NIMA approached me a while back to review a new product they have available- an officially licensed wireless Titans helmet bluetooth stereo speaker (pictured above). I didn’t really know what to expect when I got it. Bluetooth speakers can range anywhere from really crappy to really sweet. I have to say that this one is on the really sweet end.

First off, it looks awesome. My kids think it about the coolest thing we have ever had in our house. It is a Titans’ helmet with a tinted visor on the front. It is also constructed very well. It isn’t made out of that cheap plastic that you see so many things of made these days.

You can see better pictures and the technical specs here. Here are the highlights:

• Speaker Phone

• Pair up to 2 Nima Speakers

• Full Range Driver for Midrange Clarity Woofer

• Hardwearing Polycarbonate Construction

• Licensed Gear

• Mobile App

The app is really cool. You can adjust the sound quality right from your phone.

You can check out their main website for all of the products the offer. They also have officially licensed NCAA helmets.

Those of you who have been around MCM for a while know I hardly ever do product reviews like this. That’s how much I love this product. You can head over here to buy one to use as you sit by the pool this summer and at all of your Titans gathering this fall. They also have a promo going right now where you can use the code FAN15 and get 15% off of your order.