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Tennessee Titans News: Mini-Camp Ends

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans News from Jerlindsey

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Titans News!
The Titans wrapped up their last day of mini-camp yesterday, and Jim Wyatt has some quick notes from the day. The Titans concluded training camp with a Punt, Pass, and Kick competition between the coaches and players. If the players won then they would get Friday off, if they lost then they had to practice. The players won thanks to Dennis Kelly who kicked a 27 yard field goal, and Jace Amaro who rocked a 70 yard punt. More injury talk. The plan right now is to have Dodd, Sharpe, Klug, and Sylvester Williams hang around town to rehab. Good news on Dodd though: he is running full speed. #DeckerWatch continues. Mularkey said that he will be getting with Robinson soon to discuss the roster, and Eric Decker will be part of discussions as well.

Quick Hit: Mini-Camp notes from Terry McCormick

Dick LeBeau says that Adoree' Jackson fits in today's NFL. Jackson is super fast, and has the ability to move forward or underneath passes to limit any possibilities of the receiver getting yards after the catch. LeBeau says that Jackson is faster than fast, and with how quickly receivers get the ball these days, you need players that can match well with that speed, and Jackson is one of those players. Rishard says Jackson has an ability to play off his instincts, and that is good, and great for a corner. Jackson himself says it's about being confident in yourself, and taking great angles. He knows quarterbacks will test him though, but he seems ready.

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