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Tennessee Titans News: “Get to know you” visit.

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Here are three quick notes from yesterday's practice. #EricDeckerWatch E-Deck chilled with the Titans yesterday. He even watched practice with Robinson and Mularkey. Mularkey called his visit a "get to know you" visit, and was also to make sure he is healthy. Derrick Henry continues to get more work due to Murray's injury, and so yesterday he showed off his hands. Wyatt reports that he caught deep passes on back to back plays, and Mularkey said that he has been impressive with this ability to catch. Cyprien didn't practice yesterday, but Mularkey says he is going to be fine. The usual suspects also didn't practice.

Quick Hit: Corey Davis is ok with high expectations.

Mariota is finishing up the offseason on a high note. Mariota is looking forward to training camp, and he says he is feeling great, and that he personally feels comfortable. Mariota feels the team is in a good spot, and that they have worked hard, and have built a foundation, and need to continue getting ready for camp. Mularkey says that he is pleased with where Mariota is at, and that he believes they have been smart with him and his recovery.

Quick Hit: Mariota is running full speed, and he will continue rehab during his time off.

That's all for today. Happy reading!