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Kendall Wright Takes a Shot at the Titans

He’s delusional.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

No surprise, but Kendall Wright is unhappy with his former team. Wright spoke to reporters today in Chicago and made quite the statement.

So Wright believes that he was the best receiver on the roster, despite the breakout season that Rishard Matthews put together. Despite the fact that he couldn’t find the field over rookie day three pick Tajae Sharpe. Depsite the fact that the Titans willingly chose to have him inactive several times down the stretch while Wright was perfectly healthy.

Wright put together one good game all season against the Jaguars, once again tantalizing all of us with his underutilized talent. But we were all fooled one last time, as Wright didn’t do much more for the remainder of the season.

With Wright, it was — and always will be —- something. It’s always an injury, playbook change or coaching change holding him back. Never once did Wright stop and take some accountability, which drove all of us insane.

Word apparently was out on him around the league as the Bears signed him to a bargain bin prove it type deal. He’s on a one year, $2.0 million dollar deal.

It was beyond time for both sides to move on. Wright will go down as the latest Titans receiver disappointment, joining Kenny Britt, Justin Hunter and a host of others.