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Jon Robinson May 2017 approval poll

Do you approve of the job Robinson has done, or are you an idiot?

NFL: Tennessee Titans-Press Conference Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

I have gotten criticized in the past for tainting approval polls with my write-up before the poll, but you know what? I don’t even care. Jon Robinson is the best thing that happened to this front office since...well...ever.

I am interested to see how this poll shakes out. There are a lot of people, Titans fans even, who are not happy with free agency and the draft. I feel like this group here is smarter than that, though.

Here’s the thing, the offseason might not have played out the way you or I thought it would, but Robinson is smarter than us. Don’t forget that this was easily the worst roster in the NFL when he was hired last year. Look at what he has done in just over 12 months. He deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Vote in the poll below. I will be running polls for the other key figures of the organization over the rest of the week.


Do you approve of the job Jon Robinson has done?

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