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Tennessee Titans News Links: "I am looking for big things for us."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
JRob smartly added speed to the Titans. PK states that the Titans just weren't fast enough last season to pose a threat on offense, or fast enough to cancel out threats against other team's defenses. Paul looks at 40 times, and it's clear the Titans have gotten faster on both sides of the ball. There are currently 15 players on the roster that ran better than a 4.50, and of those 15, 12 were added to the team by Jon Robinson.

Quick Hit: Get the tissues ready: Jon Robinson makes a winning bid at JDRF Gala

Count Rishard Matthews as a fan of Corey Davis. Matthews faced some criticism as well when he entered the NFL because he too played in a college conference that is considered not to be all that competitive. He says that doesn't matter though once you reach this level. He says the added chip on the shoulder helps to push you to show that you belong. Matthews also says that guys that come from smaller schools understand the grind, and come in ready to work, as opposed to guys who come from bigger schools who are kind of gifted things.

Quick Hit: Kevin Byard knows Corey Davis, Jannu Smith, and Taywan Taylor pretty well.

The Titans may not have the room or a need for fan favorite Harry Douglas. The Titans carried over six receivers last season, and if they go that route again, then already four of them can be considered locks: Matthews, Sharpe, Davis, and Taylor. Weems was brought in to take over as Mariani, so that would be a fifth receiver spot taken. Adoree' Jackson could see time as a returner, so that could mean the team wouldn't necessarily need a sixth receiver. That would be put Douglas and McBride at risk of not being on the roster.

Quick Hit: Mariota is on track with his rehab for his broken leg.

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