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PFF says Adoree’ Jackson has really big bust potential


NCAA Football: Rose Bowl Game-Penn State vs Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Adoree’ Jackson is probably the most interesting player of the Titans 2017 draft class. There is no doubt he is an elite athlete. I mean spent every spring at USC running track for crying out loud.

So while his ability to play two sports in college speaks very highly of his athletic ability, it also means that he wasn’t a full-time football player. While the rest of the Trojans football team was going through spring football practice, Jackson was running track.

That means that Jackson is a bit raw. There is no doubt Jon Robinson took all of this into account when deciding between Jackson and a guy like Tre’Davious White of LSU. White might have the higher floor, but Jackson no doubt has the higher ceiling.

With all of that being said, PFF (via the Washington Post) has tabbed Jackson as one of the 5 most likely first round picks to be a bust:

Former USC CB Adoree’ Jackson is extremely similar to Peppers in that the Titans are banking on a prolific athlete to improve by leaps and bounds once he gets the chance to focus on one position. One needs look no further than the Utah game this past season (121 yards and one touchdown surrendered; 117.8 QB rating into his coverage) or the Notre Dame game in 2015 (132 yards and one touchdown surrendered; 158.3 QB rating into his coverage) to realize that Jackson was far from a shutdown corner in college. Even with track speed, Jackson still had the unfortunate habit of getting beat deep, yielding catches of 70, 56, 40, 30 and 29 yards just this past season. There are reasons to be encouraged, though, as Jackson spent his springs running track at USC, and now gets to focus on football full-time. He could certainly reach his full potential and be well worth the selection, but he’s a good ways off that at the moment.

There will be a learning curve for Jackson, but he’s better than Perrish Cox, #amirite?