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Tennessee Titans News Links: Memorial Day Edition

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
The Titans held their first week of OTAs last week, and Jim Wyatt runs down six things that stood out to him throughout the week. Obviously the biggest person on everyone's mind going into OTAs was Marcus Mariota, and he's not 100 percent yet, or working in team periods, but he's moving well, and has been making some nice throws. Corey Davis is the big name rookie, but Taywan Taylor really impressed Wyatt. He liked how he went up for balls with defenders in the vicinity, and he made an impressive catch on a deep throw from Mariota. Wyatt also says all the running backs stood out to him, and that Jurrell Casey was also impressive. The offensive line is already showing signs of being on the same page, and having great chemistry, and new coach Frisman Jackson already has the attention of the receivers.

Quick Hit: Jim Wyatt's mailbag.

Sticking with Wyatt: Here are three quick talking points with OC Terry Robiskie. Terry said the team will continue to get Mariota more involved, and that things with him are "going good." He said it was tremendous to see Mariota out there on day one of OTAs, and that they are happy with where he is at today. Robiskie says the offensive line chemistry has been evident from the start, and that it is a "big, big plus" for them. He said it is a plus that you have this group of guys that finished the year together, and now they are starting the year together, and they aren't having to go all the way back to scratch. Robiskie's biggest priorities this offseason are to cut down on penalties and turnovers. He said he believes the team needs to be more consistent, and more dominant in the passing game.

Quick Hit: Peter King is high on the Titans.

Mentioned it briefly up above, but the Titans are looking to have a "dominating mindset" in the passing game. That mindset could be seen in the running game last season, but Robiskie is saying that the passing game needs to have that same mindset as well. Terry says that at this point they know who they are: a physical team. He says the passing game needs to get into the attitude of thinking: "Ok, a hook was called, I'm going to win." They need to get into the mindset of "I don't care what the coverage is, one of us is going to win."

Quick Hit: Corey Davis is making strides with the Titans and Mariota.

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