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Who was your favorite Titans player from 2009-2014?

A dark time for the Titans.

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

It’s the offseason. It can be tough to come up with things to talk about. As I was sitting here drinking my coffee this morning, I got to thinking about just how bad the Titans have been for the last decade. It really has been a hard time to be a fan of this team.

That got me to thinking about just how bad the roster was during that time. There really weren’t that many guys that were really even that fun to watch play. The chalk answer here is going to be Chris Johnson, and there is no doubt that he was the most exciting player of this era, but I would urge you to dig a little bit deeper.

Also, I chose to cut it off at 2014 because if it went to 2015 the only answer would be Marcus Mariota.

The answer for me is Alterraun Verner. We obviously loved ATV here because he wrote some pieces for the site (you can read those here), but he was also a really good player. I was incredibly sad when the Titans didn’t re-sign him.

Who was your favorite player of the era? If you want to say CJ, that is fine, but give us another guy as well. It will be interesting to see who everyone comes up with.