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How high would Marcus Mariota go in an NFL re-draft?

An interesting question to ponder.

Green Bay Packers v Tennessee Titans Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

If the NFL decided to hit the reset button and wipe all 32 rosters clean, how high would Marcus Mariota go? It’s a question that I had been thinking about for a couple of weeks. Well, today I stumbled across this from the USA Today’s NFL Team Wire sites.

They got all of their site managers together and put together an entire first round of a Madden style fantasy draft. It was a fun read, but there were some puzzling picks. One of which was the fall of Marcus Mariota to the 20th selection.

Players that went ahead of Mariota: JJ Watt (6th), Jameis Winston (10th), Dak Prescott (11th), Russell Wilson (13th), Matt Ryan (14th), Kirk Cousins (16th), Tyron Smith (18th) and LeVeon Bell (19th).

Here’s a list of players that I would draft ahead of Marcus Mariota: Aaron Rodgers. Even then, Rodgers in ten years older than Mariota. You’d have to have a conversation about Mariota vs. Rodgers.

You could make a case for Derek Carr, Andrew Luck or even Cam Newton that I wouldn’t argue much with, but a 23 year old franchise quarterback with two years of outstanding play already isn’t lasting to the 20th pick of a redraft, bottom-line.

You’re telling me a team is going to take Aaron Donald or JJ Watt over a quarterback? That formula has worked so well for the Texans.....

I can see taking Von Miller or Khalil Mack in the top ten, but not with a top flight quarterback on the board. In reality, we are talking about a league that sees teams lay down and die for the chance to take a franchise quarterback in EVERY SINGLE DRAFT. You’re telling me that Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, JJ Watt, Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack go with top ten quarterbacks left on the board? It’s not going to happen.

I realize I’m irrationally mad about a fluff filler offseason piece, but I feel pretty strongly here. The first picks would be some order of Rodgers, Carr, Cam, Mariota, Brady, Brees, Luck, Wilson, Ryan, Winston, Cousins, Wentz, Tannehill, Prescott, Manning and Stafford. I bet a defensive player wouldn’t even go top ten.

And yes, I’d gladly take Marcus Mariota top two or three. I think in three years he’ll be one of the league’s best. He’s already so advanced, I can’t wait to see him operate with upgraded talent. Maybe then he’ll get the national respect he deserves.

Who would you take ahead of Marcus Mariota?