Why I Became a Titans Fan

The Tennessean-USA TODAY Sports

I grew not really a fan of the sports in general, I used to root against the teams my family was rooting for just to troll. In fact, way back when the Titans went to the super bowl, my family was rooting for the Titans because they used to be the Oilers, and guess what I was doing? Rooting for the Rams. I still get an ugly feeling thinking about it.

Fast forward to about 04, my mother met my step dad, and of course I hated him. He was a die hard Oiler/Titan fan, so naturally I hated the Titans, as time went on, we grew closer, and I started to realize he was alright. Football Sundays became a thing for us. He would tell me about McNair and George, Kbull, etc. Finally I started pulling for them. In 06 we drafted Young and I started watching religiously. In 08 I watched my first draft, in 09 I joined this site, the addiction for football and watching this team has grown exponentially ever since, I love this team and can't imagine rooting for anyone else.