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State of the Titans roster: Running backs

Very strong at the top here!

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Today we continue our look at the Titans roster by looking at the running back position.

The starter:

DeMarco Murray is coming off an excellent year where he rushed for 1,287 yards and 9 touchdowns. He is the first “Thunder” in the (not-so) cleverly named “Thunder and Thunder” backfield.

The depth:

Derrick Henry is the second “Thunder” (I really hate that). I expect to see his workload increase this year. The Titans also have 7th round draft pick Khalfani Muhammad. He will probably need to show that he can be a contributor on special teams to make the roster, but he also has the chance to a change of pace back. Then you have David Fluellen and Akeem Judd as camp bodies. Then you have fullbacks Jalston Fowler and Joe Bacci.

Biggest question:

The only real question here is how the work will be divided between Murray and Henry. I expect Murray to still get the majority of the carries, but my guess is that it is more 60/40 Murray this year instead of the (basically) 70/30 that it was last year. Either way, they are both studs.

Who makes the week 1 roster:

Odds are the Titans break camp with 4 running backs- Murray, Henry, Muhammad and Fowler.