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Titans Check in at 15th in CBS’s NFL Front Office Power Rankings

CBS is sleeping on Jon Robinson.

NFL: Preseason-Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the offseason and you’ve got nothing better to do on this Friday, so let’s get mad at some front office power rankings. CBS Sports released their list yesterday and boy was it a doozy.

These are “front office rankings” — which is pretty vague. There’s no way to know the inner-workings of a team’s front office. It’s deeper than just the General Manager. If it were just GM rankings, Jon Robinson would have to be up there in the top ten due to his quick turnaround of the Titans.

As it turns out, the article is really simply ranking the teams offseason performance for this year only. It’s a very misleading title — it’s literally offseason rankings. Honestly, this article is pretty bizarre top to bottom.

Anyways, here’s the quote on the Titans.

Doesn’t sound like the 15th best front office or 15th best offseason to me. The writer (Sean Wagner-McGough) openly admits to placing the Packers 13th simply because of the Martellus Bennett signing. He places the Jets 12th, while admitting that they did not improve the roster at all. He then says the Titans have had back to back incredible off-seasons and places them 15th. Huh?

This article was pretty confusing overall. It heavily penalized Denver (24th) and Houston (29th) for Tony Romo retiring. I’d love to see a true front office power rankings article. Someone tied into the league with comments from some executives should do that sometime.

Where do you think Jon Robinson and company would land?