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Titans Agree to Terms with 12 Undrafted Free Agents

Check out the full list.

Mississippi v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Tennessee Titans have agreed to terms with 12 undrafted free agents on the eve of rookie camp. These players will be participating with the draft picks in Friday’s rookie mini camp, along with some camp invites.

The list of players below matches up with some of the roster needs that we had discussed pre-draft. It includes two offensive tackles, two corners, three receivers, two nose tackles, a linebacker, quarterback and a running back.

If forced to guess, I’d say the two nose tackles have the best shot at sticking to the 53 man roster. Both Brown and Henderson would give the Titans something that they don’t have — a true nose. We saw Jon Robinson find Antwaun Woods last year, who has a chance to stick this year. The nose tackle battle is one to watch going forward. You’d like to see one guy emerge there.

Here’s the full list.

CB Jeremy Boykins (Central Florida)

NT DeAngelo Brown (Louisville)

WR Bra’Lon Cherry (North Carolina State)

QB Tyler Ferguson (Western Kentucky)

CB John Green (Connecticut)

NT Roderick Henderson (Alabama State)

LB Denzel Johnson (Texas Christian)

RB Akeem Judd (Mississippi)

WR KeVonn Mabon (Ball State)

T Steven Moore (California)

WR Giovanni Pascasio (Louisville)

T Jonah Pirsig (Minnesota)