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Tennessee Titans News Links: "The claims are false, period."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
STAY OUT THE HOOD, KENN- SHARPE AND TRETOLA! Both players are currently facing a civil lawsuit, and a police investigation is being conducted under the alleged incident that brought on the lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that Sharpe beat up a man named Dante Satterfield, and Tretola was the lookout. According to Satterfield; Sharpe attacked him because of comments made when Corey Davis was drafted 5th overall in the draft. Keeping an eye on how things unfold, but it all smells like a big pile of crap. You don't file charges, and go straight to a lawsuit? And nothing comes to light until around 13 days later? We'll see.

Quick Hit: Deshea Townsend discusses the addition of Adoree' Jackson, and rest of the secondary group.

Paul Kuharsky dives into how team chemistry works. He talks about how some teams give too much thought into it, and others not enough. He says the whole thing is really a big unknown, because you have no idea how a group of people are going to work with each other. Especially when you're bringing new guys into the fold. He says, though, that listening to Taylor Lewan talk about team chemistry struck him as interesting. PK says that he believes the team's fundamental principle of "team-first, disciplined, and tough" helps to raise the odds of excellent chemistry.

Quick Hit: Rising NFL stars to keep an eye on (pst...Mariota is listed first).

That's all for today. Happy reading!