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Blake Beddingfield out as Titans director of scouting

Jon Robinson is going in a different direction.

This from Ian Rapoport:

Jon Robinson made quite a few changes in the scouting department after the draft last season, but Blake Beddingfield kept his job at this point. Apparently Robinson has decided that he wants one of his own guys in that position going forward.

Beddingfield had been with the Titans for 18 years. This was his 5th year as the director of scouting for the team.

Rapoport says in his tweet that Beddingfield is “respected.” That means he probably won’t be out of a job for very long if he wants to continue in this line of work. He at least has an in with the Atlanta Falcons as his old boss, Ruston Webster, is in their front office (for some reason).