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John Ross wants to catch some passes from Marcus MariGOATa in his hotel parking lot

Ross reached out to Mariota on his pre-draft visit to the Titans.

John Ross is a big fan of Marcus Mariota. Check out these quotes from Ross about Mariota via

"He's one of my favorite quarterbacks ever. When (Washington) played Oregon, he was doing things I'd never seen before in person. I would love to catch balls from Marcus," Ross said. "We're both young, we'd be able to grow together."

"He was a really good dude. He was humble and quiet, so he reminded me of myself. It would be great to talk to him again."

Well we told you earlier this week that Ross would be paying a pre-draft visit to the Titans. That apparently is happening today. Here is what Ross posted on Snapchat last night:

That’s pretty awesome. I wish it had really happened. Can you imagine Mariota throwing a fly route to Ross is the parking lot of the Ramada Inn*?

Ross very well might be the pick at 18. Would you be happy with that?

*He’s not really staying at a Ramada.