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Mel Kiper NFL Draft grades 2017

The Corey Davis value thing is about to make me crazy.

Florida International v Charlotte Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Mel Kiper of ESPN has posted his grades for the 2017 NFL draft (In$ider). He gave the Titans a B for their class. As just about everyone else is, Kiper is hung up on the value of drafting Corey Davis at 5. News flash Mr. Kiper- John Robinson doesn’t care who is the best available on your board. He is going to take the best football player for the Titans. That is exactly what Corey Davis is (and, again, never mind the fact that they wouldn’t have been able to get him at 18).

Here is part of what Kiper had to say about the Titans draft:

I can quibble with the value of taking Corey Davis at No. 5 and Adoree' Jackson at No. 18 -- and I did -- but I do like both guys, even if I had higher-rated players on my board. Davis is still a bit of unknown because he didn't work out before the draft. On tape, he dominated at Western Michigan, but that's obviously a different caliber of opponent than what he will see each week in the AFC South.

Jackson is undersized (5-10, 186), raw and still improving but has value as a punt returner. He could also play a few snaps per game at receiver, too, and I'm sure Marcus Mariota would welcome that. The Titans deserve some credit for sticking to their board and going with clear needs, but with no second-round pick because of last year's trade up for Jack Conklin -- a stellar move, by the way -- there is some risk.

It’s easy to stick to your board when you have the best board in all of the land!