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Poll: Who Should the Titans Draft? (April Edition)

Checking in on which player the fanbase thinks the Titans should draft...

NFL: 2016 NFL Draft Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

April has arrived. Finally, draft month is here...

A lot has changed since January 10th, when MCM ran its first poll of the 2017 draft season, when Mike Williams won with 72% of the vote. That poll ran the day after the College Football National Championship game, and I believe that may have influenced the vote a bit.

On the first of February, we ran a second poll, the results of which were much closer. The vote was nearly evenly split between Jamal Adams (23%), Mike Williams (21%), and Marshon Lattimore (19%).

Since that last poll, we’ve lived through the combine, a number of pro days, a couple unfortunate injuries, and some interesting draft rumors. I wonder how the results will change on this, the third of April.

A few notes about the poll:

  • I’m not including "trading down" as an option because I believe trading down is by far the best option for the team for a number of fairly obvious reasons.
  • I’m not including Myles Garrett in the poll because I believe it is commonly accepted knowledge that he will be unavailable.
  • I’m not including players who play positions on which the Titans will be unlikely to spend a top 5 selection.

So without further ado...