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2017 NFL draft grades: What do the “experts” think about what the Titans did?

John Robinson knows more than these guys anyway.

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Is there anything more ridiculous than draft grades before the players that are picked even take the field? Nope, but we are going to look at them anyway. Keep in mind that John Robinson is the GOAT GM, so if any of these draft analysts have anything bad to say about him they really don’t know what they are talking about! #nohomer

Our former buddy Dan Kadar gave the Titans a B- for both of their picks tonight. Here is what he had to say about the Corey Davis pick:

I love the fit of Davis in Tennessee. They took Marcus Mariota in the first round in 2015 but haven’t surrounded him with great targets. Davis can be one. I just don’t like the choice at fifth overall. I understand the idea of getting the player you want as soon as you can, but Davis was projected by most outside of the top 10. The fit is a need, which is good. I question the value.

I’m not sure how you can question the value. Davis was obviously their number one receiver and receiver was a huge need. He wasn’t going to be there at 18. No reason to pass because you don’t think he “worth the pick.”

Here is what he had to say about Jackson:

This is the position the Titans needed to get because they were awful covering wide receivers outside in 2016. Jackson is a player teams liked more than the media. I had a higher grade on Tre’Davious White of LSU than Jackson, but a fit is a fit.

Pete Prisco gave the Titans a B+ for both of their picks tonight. Prisco has never been smarter.

Here are his comments on Davis:

He's the best receiver in this draft. I like this pick. Solid. But what about defensive backs?

And Jackson:

They needed a corner, and this is a game-changing player at the position. I also like this kid's ability as a return man.