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MCM NFL Draft Game

A little additional fun to spice up the time between the Titans picks.

NFL: Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is the best offseason event in all of sports. No other sport has anything that even remotely compares to it. The NBA Draft is probably the next best thing, but it is only exciting for about 10 picks before you start getting in to guys that are probably going to end up playing for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants (yes, that’s a real team) in the G League. I love the NFL Draft. It’s one of my favorite days of the year as a Titans fan. So how could we make it even better? How about a Titans/NFL Draft Drinking game?

On a serious note before we get started with the rules, if you do decide to drink alcohol with this game, please do it responsibly. Take an Uber or Lyft. Don’t over do it.

When and Where Can We Watch?

TV: ESPN, ESPN2, NFL Network


Schedule: 1st Round: 7:00 PM CT (Thursday, 4/27), 2nd & 3rd Rounds: 6:00 PM CT (Friday, 4/28), 4th, 5th, 6th, & 7th Rounds: 11:00 AM CT (Saturday, 4/29)

The Rules of the Game

1. When Roger Goodell has to pause while speaking to wait for the boos to die down, boo at the TV, and then take a drink when he starts talking again.

2. The draft is being held in Philadelphia this year for the first time since 1961. Any time the camera shows a shot of the Liberty Bell, the Rocky Statue, or a Philly cheesesteak street vendor, drink. If they show Sylvester Stallone eating a Philly cheesesteak while riding on the Liberty Bell, finish your drink.

3. “The Dan Patrick Rule” - Sports analysts love to fall back on certain words to describe white players. Dan Patrick constantly makes fun of this phenomena on his radio show. Any time a white player is described as “deceptively fast”, “hard-working”, “heady”, or “has a lot of heart”, drink. If someone refers to Cooper Kupp, a white WR who has almost nothing else in common with Julian Edelman, as a “Julian Edelman type”, finish your drink.

4. The Titans and Eagles have been frequent trade partners over the last couple years. If you see a DeMarco Murray or Dorial Green-Beckham jersey in the crowd, drink. If you see a Dennis Kelly jersey in the crowd, wave hello to Mrs. Kelly and then finish your drink.

5. “The Keyshawn Johnson Rule” - When Keyshawn Johnson was a draft analyst for ESPN in 2007, I swear he said the team on the clock should take a wide receiver with almost every pick regardless of need or players available. It was ridiculous. This year Louis Riddick, a former NFL safety, and Jon Gruden, a former college quarterback are joining former Mel Kiper Jr. and host Trey Wingo to cover the draft for ESPN. Every time Riddick recommends a team taking a safety, drink. Every time Gruden recommends a quarterback, drink. If Kiper recommends that they take a nerdy high school student with impeccable hair, finish your drink.

6. Chris Berman is not hosting the draft for ESPN this year for the first time since 1987. Fun Fact: The Cleveland Browns have started 3,953 quarterbacks during that time period! Trey Wingo is taking Berman’s place as the lead host for the event. I am relieved because I find Berman insufferable, but some masochistic part of me deep down will probably miss his over the top cheesy presentation. Nahhh, you’re right, this is gonna be great. Anyway, I’m guessing ESPN makes several mentions of Berman throughout the night. Every time they do, scream your favorite Berman-ism at your TV and drink. Some suggestions: “He...could...go...all...the...way!”, “Rumblin’, stumblin’, bumblin’”, “wooooop!”, “nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills”, “the Oakland Rrrrrraaaaaaaiders”, etc.

7. “The Marcus Marioto Rule” - We all remember Goodell screwing up Marcus Mariota’s name when the Titans took him second overall in 2015. I mean, it’s not like he was a surprise pick either. Everyone knew he was going second. How do you not know how to pronounce his name??? Anyway, if Goodell mispronounces a player’s name while announcing the pick, drink.

I hope Marcus reminds him of this moment while accepting the Lombardi Trophy from him one day.

8. The Titans get no respect from the national media. I know all teams say that, but its really true for the Titans. It never fails that ESPN will go to commercial when the Titans are on the clock. When this happens, and it will, drink until they come back from commercial. If they come back from commercial and completely ignore the Titans pick in order to get back to whoever ESPN has covering the Cowboys live from Valley Ranch, take a shot.

9. There are going to be 21 players attending the draft in person this year (there were 22 but Gareon Conley is staying away for obvious reasons) which always makes for some interesting moments. Every year someone ends up sitting there by themselves for hours, while the camera continually cuts to them looking disappointed. Once 20 of the 21 players have been selected, drink for each time the camera cuts to the lonely guy (probably DeShone Kizer).

10. Last year the Bucs drafted Roberto Aguayo in the 2nd round. He’s a kicker. I can’t even begin to imagine the rage that filled each and every Bucs fan at that moment. Not only did they draft a kicker in the 2nd, but they traded up to do so, AND he turned out to be so bad that they had to bring in another kicker to compete with him this offseason. When the first kicker or punter is drafted, drink.

Feel free to follow along on Twitter during the draft using the hashtag #DraftMCM