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Tennessee Titans News Links: "We are in a good position..."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Mike Mularkey and Jon Robinson held a press conference yesterday, and Jim Wyatt has five highlights for us. Trade talk? Robinson said he has received inquires from teams about trading, but they are mainly just "investigative" to see if there is anything going on around them. The team is looking for players with strong skill sets. For receivers: get open, catch, and block. For cornerbacks: the ability to tackle, play with good technique, instincts, speed, savvy for their position, and versatility. Other topics that were up for discussion were Lewan's option, an update on Mariota, Derrick Henry, and the status on Dodd.

Quick Hit: Jon Robinson can't sleep on tough questions.

Briefly stated it above, but the Titans have picked up Lewan's fifth year option. Shouldn't really come as a shock really. Dude has been great for us. Robinson called picking up his option a "relatively easy decision." Robinson gave Lewan some praise by stating he did a really nice job for the team last year, and had a Pro Bowl season. He also said Lewan is excited about the direction the team is going, and that he looks forward to continuing to work with him.

Quick Hit: Robinson: It's harder to predict what other NFL teams' plans are than to value prospects.

Bonus Link: Titans Caravan news.

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