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2017 NFL Draft: MCM Community Predictions

Time to dust off your crystal ball, unroll your astrology charts, or do whatever it is you do to predict the future...

NCAA Football: Music City Bowl-Tennessee vs Nebraska Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The draft is tomorrow. Wow. Can you believe it? Me neither.

(Shout out to BrothaDarkness for suggesting this thread)

Allow this to be the place for you to post your boldest, your wildest, your MOST CRAzZzZzZy draft predictions!

Also, allow this to be the place for you to post your tamest and most reasonable draft predictions. The point is not about how wild and crazy (or not) your predictions are, but more that you are predicting things.

If you’re looking for inspiration, I’ve created a little questionnaire type of thing below from which you can pick and choose some things to predict. Feel free to ignore all of my questions and post your own predictions. Conversely, you’re welcome to answer every single one of my prompts.

Also, do you have a mock draft? Need a place to post it? Well, look no further than this very thread! You, sir (or madam), have come to the right place!

On Monday, I’ll cull through the comments to find and post the most accurate predictions. Those people will not receive a prize of any kind. (Unless someone wants to put up some valuable MCM bucks...?)

Here’s my ‘prop sheet’ of sorts...

  1. Who will be the second quarterback/running back/cornerback selected?
  2. Over/under: 5.5 first-round trades? Over/under: 2.5 first-round quarterbacks?
  3. Name a player that everyone thinks is going in the first round that will fall to the second.
  4. Will the Jaguars draft a quarterback in the first three rounds?
  5. Who will be the first (actual) wide receiver (McCaffery doesn’t count) off the board?

And now a Titans-specific one, if that’s more your cup of tea leaves (see what I did there?)...

  1. Will the Titans trade pick 5?
  2. Will the Titans trade pick 18?
  3. Name each of the players the Titans end up with from the first round.
  4. Will the Titans trade both up AND down in the first round?
  5. Over/under/equal: 8 total selections made by the Titans?
  6. Over/under: 3.5 total draft trades made by the Titans?
  7. Over/under: 6.5 non-linemen (RB, WR, TE, CB, LB, S) drafted by the Titans?
  8. Name one “surprise” player that you think the Titans will draft.
  9. Name one “obvious” player that you think the Titans will draft.
  10. How many [insert college you love] players will be drafted by the Titans?

There are no rules when making your predictions (aside from the obvious SBNation Community Guidelines you all agreed to when creating your accounts). But the more specific and exact your predictions, the more impressed we will all be when you’re right!

Okay, have at it...