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Tennessee Titans News Links: "Am I grinning?”

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk (#MyOwner) be out here jumping out of airplanes and stuff. She said the experience was fantastic, and that it was a lot of fun. The 101st Airborne Army Golden Knights invited her to skydive, and clearly she accepted the invitation. Initially she thought they were going to invite her to go rappel, and at first she was a little surprised to hear it would be skydiving, but she went through with it anyway.

Quick Hit: Touring mock drafts with Jim Wyatt.

The number five spot has produced a lot of quality in past drafts. The number five pick has produced nine Pro Bowl players since 2000. Those nine players have appeared in 25 different Pro Bowls, been named First Team All Pro 12 times, and have a combined number of 97 starting seasons. Some top names picked at number five overall include: Tomlinson, Jamal Lewis, Sean Taylor, Patrick Peterson, Khalil Mack, and Eric Berry.

Quick Hit: DeMarco Murray has something to tell NFL draft picks: "Your'e just a rookie."

Paul Kuharsky breaks down the Titans' best draft picks by position. They only considered players drafted since 1995, because those players were Oilers and Titans. No surprise, but Steve McNair is the best QB drafted by the team, and Eddie George is the best RB. Derrick Mason takes the lead for best WR, and Bo Scaife best TE. Those are some notables on offense. For defense  the notables include Jevon "The Freak" Kearse (love that guy), Keith Bulluck, Haynesworth, Samari Rolle, and Michael Griffin.

Quick Hit: JRob on mock drafts: "Sometimes I wonder why I come to work."

That's all for today. Happy reading!