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2017 NFL Draft: The Not So Caged Muse (Offense)

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Clemson vs Alabama
Two future Titans in the picture? Mike Williams. Do Want.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Some final thoughts on the offensive prospects before the big show happens on Thursday. Is there a Titan in waiting among them?


  • DeShaun Watson (Clemson) will be an interesting prospect to watch on draft night. Where will he go? He has all the characteristics to succeed as a modern day quarterback. Yeah, the guy threw a ton of picks over the past couple of years but he just simply exudes leadership and won a lot of games. He should've won the Heisman in 2016.
  • Brad Kaaya (Miami) is just a guy. The one thing is he has going for him is intangibles, though. Experienced in most pro style schemes. A throwback to the old days of slow pocket passers with a good enough arm to make all the big league throws. He's very unrushed in everything that he does even with the pocket collapsing around him. Fourth round prospect at best.


  • Leonard Fournette (LSU) has that Ron Dayne vibe about him. Awesome college player but is the workload too heavy for him to have a chance in the NFL? The talent is legitimately undeniable. 2016 was a year to forget for him due to injury and inconsistency. A modern day Adrian Peterson if you will.
  • Christian McCaffery (Stanford) gives off the diva signal. He did so much skipping that he should he named hop scotch champion of all draft prospects. Skipped the bowl game and any other private workouts that teams tried to schedule. How will he fare when the action is live and everything is real? Will he duck that too or step up? Stanford had very little QB help in 2016 and the little injuries did not help. Could be best utilized as a slot WR type.
  • Dalvin Cook (Florida State) had the most consistent 2016 of the loaded RB class. He got off to a slow start but turned in a tremendous season. The ACC and school all time leading rusher and touchdowns (passing Warrick Dunn, who was no slouch himself). While not on McCaffery's level of catching, he's better than Fournette. Elite speed and agility. Vision is great. Knows where all the hidden angles are. Above average pass blocker. Big game player (just ask Miami, Florida, Michigan, et al how much he terrorized them). The shoulder thing is a concern, though.
  • A lot of credit needs to be given to Texas RB D'Onta Foreman. He played through the fact that his infant child passed away during the season. I can't imagine what that feels like. To not only play but play at a high level going through that shows his character. That's why I don't bag on prospects as much because you just never know what they have going on.


  • Corey Davis (Western Michigan), oh where art thou? He's been very quiet during the whole process. The injuries are a red flag and Titans being a team that has a history of receiver injuries, are not a good combination. Looking past the injuries, he's the best all around receiver of the big three. The medicals would make me a little hesitant to take him anywhere from 5-10.
  • Mike Williams (Clemson) is my choice for the Titans. He's a perfect fit for the team in terms of what they want out of a receiver. I'd be little surprised if they went with him at 5 but hey if you like a guy, you take him and deal with the other stuff later.
  • While I do like John Ross (Washington), the injury history is a giant red flag. That speed is certainly enticing for a lot of teams. I'm surprised that he had less yards than I originally thought given that he played with a surefire top pick Heisman lock Jake Browning as his QB. Maybe if he had Washington native and 2019 top 5 pick Jacob Eason, things would have worked out better.
  • Josh Malone (Tennessee) needs to be a Titan because, well you know. He's a pretty good player without the hometown factor.
  • If I just had to have a Wolverine receiver on me team, I'd choose Amara Darboh.
  • JuJu Smith-Schuster (USC) is a guy that I could look at in the 2nd round if the Titans don't take a receiver in the first by trading down. Yeah I know what you're saying about USC receivers and the NFL but he's a talent.
  • Condolences to Travis Rudolph (Florida State) and his family. His father passed away from being accidentally shot by a night club employee (who was moving a loaded gun off a shelf) while he was busy making repairs.


  • OJ Howard (Alabama). Do Want. That is all.
  • David Njoku (Miami) intrigues me but he is fundamentally raw as a prospect. Could be developed into something given the right team and situation.


  • I'm a fan of the following guards: Isaac Asiata (Utah), Dorian Johnson (Pittsburgh), and Forrest Lamp (Western Kentucky)
  • I'm not a fan of the USC prospects Zach Banner and Chad Wheeler. They both have had less than impressive 2016 seasons and that bled over to the process where they were even worse.
  • Big fan of Taylor Moton (Western Michigan). The Titans have expressed an interest so there's that.

Cam Robinson (Alabama) is the best tackle in the class, no questions asked.