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2017 NFL Draft: Todd McShay’s Final Buzz and Rumors on the Titans

Some buzz to chew on as we count down to Thursday.

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ESPN’s Todd McShay posted some buzz that he’s hearing last night and he had quite a bit to say about the Titans. First things first, McShay said what we’ve all said — the Titans are likely to make a trade. He said the Titans are the “most likely team” to trade down in the top ten.

This goes right along with what we’ve said all along. Jon Robinson is making no bones about it. He wants to move and get another day two selection. McShay mentions being in front of the Jets as an asset. Personally, I think all the quarterback action goes to pick two, but maybe not.

McShay goes on to mention Jamal Adams and Marshon Lattimore as the likely picks if a deal can’t be reached. We’ve talked at length about each player. Both options would be big upgrades, but Lattimore is the more obvious fit.

I think Adams would be a full time starter at strong safety. This would kick Cyprien down to the 3rd safety and nickel linebacker role. It’s the same role that Daimion Stafford filled last year. This would give Kevin Byard more responsibility in coverage, which I think he could handle.

Of course, McShay didn’t leave the receivers out of the equation. He said the Titans are “hoping” that Mike Williams falls to 18, but Corey Davis is more likely to be there.

You guys know my stance here. Corey Davis runs circles around Mike Williams as a prospect to me. His lack of testing due to the ankle issue has hurt him, however. He’s just now on the mend from that injury.

How would you feel about a Lattimore/Adams and Williams/Davis combination?