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2017 NFL Draft: The Not So Caged Muse (Offense)

NCAA Football: Music City Bowl-Tennessee vs Nebraska
Josh Dobbs. Future Tennessee Titan?
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Some thoughts this week on the offensive prospects


  • Mitch(ell) Trubisky (North Carolina) in any other year is a third round prospect but this year's poor QB class inflates his value a ton. He gives off the one year wonder vibe to me. How is it that he couldn't beat out a guy that isn't even in the league while at school? I do hope the Browns (or anyone else) gives up a ton of picks to the Titans to get him at 5.
  • The future leader of NASA, Josh Dobbs (Tennessee) has made some improvements during the process but he's at least two years away from being an NFL starter if at all. He could be a serviceable backup in due time, though. Great guy but his game just doesn't translate to the next level. The QB version of former Titan Myron Rolle aka a guy who's better suited to pursuing a more meaningful purpose in life.
  • CJ Beathard (Iowa) is just a guy. He does have one thing going for him though, he's a native of Tennessee so draft him, Titans! Grandson of infamous Chargers GM Bobby Beathard (who was the GM that chose Ryan Leaf a long time ago).


  • If I had to choose between the two Wisconsin guys, I'd select Corey Clement. Yeah, Dare Ogunbowale had a "better" year but Clement's talent is undeniable. Clement has been flying under the radar due to an inconsistent 2016 and a deep class at his position.
  • There's a spot in the league somewhere for the Aztec jitterbug, Donnel Pumphrey. There's a reason why he's the all time leader in career rushing yards. He's an exciting player to watch with the ball in his hands.
  • James Conner (Pittsburgh) is a great story and all that but there's something off about him as a prospect. He should've stayed in school and proved that he can stay healthy for a full year. Also, he runs too upright and those type of backs usually don't last too long due to the hits that they take.
  • Dalvin Cook gets all the pub (and rightly so) but teammate Freddie Stevenson is no slouch himself. He is the modern day fullback that can do a lot of things. Stevenson is the latest "fullback" in Florida State's offense where big halfbacks convert to fullbacks. Not saying that Jalston Fowler is irreplaceable but Stevenson is a good weapon to have.


  • Chris Godwin (Penn State) has made me a fan of his after watching more of him. He's good. Been blowing up during the process. Definitely making himself some money.
  • Of the two LSU prospects, I'd choose Malachi Dupre over Travin Dural but it's close. No one really knows what to make of them because LSU's QB play has been some of the worst that I've seen in years. Dupre has bit more potential than Dural at this point.
  • Not a fan of Chad Hansen (Cal) for his on field demeanor aka giving off the diva vibes. He's liable to pull a TO and start screaming at everyone, including coaches. Of the several Cal games I did watch, he came off as arrogant and selfish.
  • Cooper Kupp (Eastern Washington) has settled into the second round range after a meteoric rise during the process, in which he blew up at the Senior Bowl. I really like him as a prospect after watching him.
  • Ohio State's Curtis Samuel is a fit for the Titans "exotic" portion of the offense as he can play both RB and WR. He can also return kicks so J-Rob is somewhat intrigued. He's raw in terms of receiver fundamentals so that's one negative.


  • Pharoah Brown (Oregon) is an intriguing prospect should he be healthy. Before his unfortunate injury in late 2015, he was among the most underrated tight end prospects. 2016 was a near wash for him as he was recovering from injury, not to mention turmoil the Ducks went through. Could be a late round sleeper if medicals check out.
  • Gerald Everett (USA, no not the country but South Alabama) is a solid late round guy that is garnering some hype throughout the process. The more I watch, the more he grows on me. Keep an eye on this guy.


  • This tackle class is just a giant sad face emoji. No really, it is very poor in terms of quality and depth. After the top three, it's a yuge dropoff in talent. Once the top three go, it might not be until the fourth round until the next one goes. It's that bad, folks.
  • In a move to further upgrade the much beleaguered special teams unit, the Titans should take a look at Dan Skipper (Arkansas), kick blocker expert who plays tackle on the side for the funnies it might generate. He's 6'10 309 and somehow didn't end up playing hoops. Surely, the moribund and downtrodden 76ers could use him in their all big man starting lineup, right?
  • Avery Gennesy (Texas A&M) is more Luke Joeckel than Jake Matthews. He's a swing tackle/guard at best.
  • On a brighter note, I do like Dion Dawkins (Temple) as a potential late first rounder. Temple had a pretty solid team in 2016.

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