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NFL Draft 2017 trade rumors: You have to be in the top 5 to get Mitch Trubisky


NCAA Football: The Citadel at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Patrick said on his radio show this morning that he is hearing you are going to move up to 5 to get UNC QB Mitch(ell) Trubisky.*

That is good news for the Titans hopes of trading out, obviously....if he doesn’t go in the top 4. There are also rumors this morning that the Jaguars are considering taking a QB at 4. Hey, I am all for that. Why not add another bad quarterback to their roster instead of a guy like O.J. Howard or a defensive stud?

The weird thing about this draft is that all 3 teams drafting in the top 3 need a quarterback, but until this week it was assumed that none of them would draft a quarterback with one of those picks. Now the rumors are flying that all 4 teams in the top 4 are interested in a quarterback.

We are going to have a post next week about what the Titans should be hoping happen with the first 4 picks, but spoiler alert, the most important thing is that Trubisky is still on the board when the Titans go on the clock.

*You cannot believe much of anything you hear this time of year. Twitter would have you believe that 10 quarterbacks are going in the first round of this draft this morning. Last week it was only 2.