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2017 NFL Draft: Corey Davis to Visit the Titans

The Titans are hosting Davis on a two day visit.

Toledo v Western Michigan Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The Titans are now officially connected to each of the big three receivers from this class. Corey Davis is the last to visit, but he will be with the team over Easter and through at least part of Monday.

Just yesterday we were talking about Corey Davis’ falling draft stock and the possibility of him even falling out of the first round. His ankle issue has kept him from any physical testing this offseason, seemingly putting him on the back-burner. Scouts have mentioned the lack of testing for his fall.

Davis participated in medical rechecks last week in Indianapolis, so teams were able to get a better feel for how his ankle is progressing. I don’t think the ankle is the long term issue here. It’s the lack of testing and the inability to see how athletic Davis might be. Tape can show you so much, but it’s good to have combine numbers to confirm your thoughts.

Is Davis in play at pick 5? Probably not. Is he in play at 18? Absolutely. In fact, he’s the ideal pick at 18, assuming the Titans stay there. I think he’s in play as early as 8 or 9 with the Panthers or Bengals. This receiver group is absolutely impossible to slot, but I feel good about the Titans leaving Thursday night with one on their roster.