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MCM Radio tonight at 9 central

Tonight we talk the release of Jason McCourty and draft trade scenarios.

Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Terry and I are back tonight with another episode of MCM Radio. We will be discussing the release of Jason McCourty. It was pretty much inevitable, but it is a little bit surprising that it happened today.

We will also talk about everyone’s favorite subject- NFL draft trades. You want Jon Robinson to trade back? Well someone has to be willing to trade up. We will look at some potential teams the Titans could be talking with.

Leave any questions you have for us here. We will do our best to answer them during the show. Also, as always, please take some time to subscribe to the show on iTunes. You will get the new episodes sent to your phone as soon as they are available. It also is good for me and Terry, and why wouldn’t you want to help us out?

You can use this link to listen to the show live.