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Tennessee Titans News Links: Thor's Day Edition

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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So much to link to today!...

Titans Links!
Ben Jones (who drank his own urine once) is confident in his buddy, Marcus Mariota. The lineman joined the team last year in March, and immediately began bonding with the rest of the fellas on the line, and with Mariota. Jones says he talks to Marcus all the time, and that he is a good friend. The offseason program for the Titans begins on Monday, and the team is being patient with Mariota, but Jones says Marcus is in "high spirits" and that he is making progress in his recovery. Ben has no doubt Mariota will be ready by week one of the upcoming season.

Mariota is going to report for the Titans' voluntary offseason program. The program begins next Monday and lasts for nine weeks, and concludes when training camp begins in June. This will be the first time coaches can talk to players about football related issues with their players since the end of last season. The team plans on remaining "overly cautious" with Mariota and his leg. Mariota has been rehabbing out in Oregon and Hawaii this offseason, and he lost the boot and started applying weight to his leg last month.