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Todd McShay 3 round 2017 NFL Mock Draft

Do you like the 4 picks Todd McShay made for the Titans in his latest NFL mock draft?

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Todd McShay put out a new mock draft today that has 3 rounds of picks for each team (In$ider). McShay said in this mock he went with what he would do if he was the GM of the team where usually he tried to predict what he thinks the team will actually do. Hey, you have to do something to keep it fresh with just over 2 weeks until the draft.

Here are the 4 picks he made for the Titans:

Round 1 pick #5: Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State

Round 1 pick #18: John Ross, WR, Washington

Round 3 pick #83: Duke Riley, LB, LSU

Round 3 pick #100: Jordan Leggett, TE, Clemson

The first 2 picks are what is happening in just about every mock around the internet these days. I wouldn’t hate it but would wager pretty strong money that it doesn’t play out that way.

I’m not thrilled about either of those 3rd round picks. Riley isn’t going in the third round, and there are questions about Leggett’s motor. Those picks fill needs but aren’t the best options in my opinion.