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Titans well represented at Alabama pro day

And they weren’t looking for candy stripers....

NFL Combine - Day 4 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Today was Alabama’s pro day. To no one’s surprise, there were representatives from all 32 NFL teams in attendance. The Titans had a lot of their heavy hitters there:

There are at least 3 guys, Reuben Foster, O.J. Howard, and Jonathan Allen, that the Titans could be targeting in the first round.

Speaking of Foster, Saban had the line of the year when discussing the linebacker’s incident at the combine:

My sources tell me the Titans are indeed interested in Foster as a linebacker, not a candy striper.

I have yet to see any details on exactly what happened at the hospital in Indianapolis that got Foster sent home from the combine. Saban pretty much dismisses it as not a big deal in this clip, but what else would you expect him to do?

Teams will do their due diligence on Foster. His draft stock probably won’t really be affected by this one incident if it is truly an isolated incident.