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Report: Saints turned down Titans offer of #18 pick for Brandin Cooks

Interesting if true.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

According to one report this morning, the Saints are aiming higher than the Titans 18th overall selection.

This from John Hendrix — a Saint freelance journalist. [UPDATE from Jimmy]- Also from Canal Street Chronicles.

Consider the source here. We don’t really know how credible this report is. If the Saints did turn this down though, there’s virtually no chance of Cooks landing in Nashville. 18 for Cooks straight up is rich — I doubt Robinson would make that offer — and if he did he’s certainly not making a better one.

With all the info being leaked on this deal, my gut tells me that the Saints aren’t getting offered what they want here. I think the Saints would take the 18th pick and run, especially with the drama developing between Cooks and Michael Thomas.

Are the Saints trying to aim the sights higher using a media report? Sure seems like it to me. Just my two cents.