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Listen to last night’s MCM Radio

Terry and I went in-depth on all of the news and rumors surrounding the Titans in free agency on our latest Tennessee Titans podcast.

You can listen to last night’s MCM Radio here. Terry and I spent a good bit of the show talking about the Brandin Cooks rumors. That has been the thing that has created the most buzz around the Titans for the last week. Nothing can officially happen until 3 PM tomorrow, but it sure would be nice to hear something today about the parameters of a deal being in place.

Terry also broke down how some potential Titans draft targets performed at the NFL combine. It would have been nice to get 40 times from Mike Williams and Corey Davis, but that didn’t happen because Williams is slow and Davis is hurt.

Give the show a listen. Also, please subscribe to the show on iTunes if you have not already. That way you will have the new episode waiting for you the next morning if you aren’t able to listen live. Feel free to give us a 5-star review over there if you are so inclined.

Feel free to leave any feedback here that you have on the pod.