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Miller: Titans locked in on taking Marshon Lattimore at 5

Where there’s smoke?

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Miller posts a scouting notebook every Friday that has a lot interesting nuggets in it. This week there is a really interesting note that pertains to the Titans and who they are looking at with the 5th pick:

....the Tennessee Titans are said, by a scouting source, to be set on taking Ohio State's Marshon Lattimore with the No. 5 pick.

I feel the need to remind everyone of this every year, you cannot believe most of what you hear in the last month heading up to the draft. General managers want to get information out there to see if it spooks another GM into making a move. Does Jon Robinson know that a team a couple of spots behind the Titans is in love with Lattimore and wants said team to think they need to trade with the Titans in order to get him? Those are the things we just don’t know.

Of course it could be that the Titans love Lattimore and fully intend on taking him with the 5th pick.

All of that to say, just don’t take everything you hear between know and the draft as the gospel truth.