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Titans Fan Guide: 3/30 Pro Day

Today’s Pro Days feature a local product and the blue turf of Boise .

NCAA Football: San Jose State at Boise State
Jeremy McNichols. Future Titan?
Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports


1. Keionta Davis 6'3 271 DE RS Senior

  • Davis has a frame to bulk up or lose weight. He's very malleable, position and scheme wise. Character and work ethic is a plus as well. He did well against Alabama in 2016. However, he looked very stiff and very slow to react to the play, often taking himself out of the matter. Athleticism is limited, especially in close quarters. He's better suited to add some weight and go inside as a nose tackle in a 3-4 due to his lack of athleticism.


1. Devonte' Fields 6'2 236 OLB RS Junior

  • Fields' on field talent is unquestioned. It's the off field questions that needs answering. He was relieved from his scholarship and ultimately the program while at TCU. Athleticism is a plus. Football IQ is above average. Quick reaction time to plays in his direction. Due to his size, he's limited to outside role. Possesses an arsenal of pass rush moves. Fit in nicely within the D-1 version of Last Chance U aka Louisville. Unfortunately, has a lot of off field issues, including the hot topic of domestic violence.

2. Josh Harvey-Clemons 6'4 217 S Senior

  • JHC is another guy who found a home in Louisville after the original destination school didn't work out for off field problems. He was suspended twice before being allowed to transfer due to multiple drug test fails. On the field, he's a major talent. Possesses ideal size for a safety. Athleticism is a plus. Position versatile as he's played safety, inside linebacker, and outside linebacker. Is a general in the secondary. If he can avoid being Josh Gordon 2.0, he can be a great player.

Boise State

1. Jeremy McNichols 5'9 214 RB Junior

Jay Ajayi who? McNichols is a very good talent at his position. He's a very good receiver out of the backfield and a workhorse back who led the Broncos on the ground. Efficient runner that doesn't waste many steps getting going. Athleticism is a key plus for him. Football IQ is another plus. Hard to tackle head on due to size. Has a fumble problem with logging 8 over the past two years. Pass protection is less than ideal. Has kick return experience.