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Tennessee Titans News Links: "I'm not satisfied."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"I can't get no,

Sorry for the inconsistency everyone! Trying to work out a schedule that works, and I think I have finally formulated a plan. Anyway. Onto the...

Titans Links!
Mariota is not satisfied with NFL accomplishments, and he strives for greatness on and off the field. He's happy with what he has accomplished so far in his two years in the NFL, but he is not satisfied with what he has accomplished, and that his long term goal is to compete for championships. Mariota goes onto say there is always room for improvement, and that moving forward he hopes to continue to find ways keep the competitive mindset that he already has.

Quick Hit: The Titans aren't worried about wearing down DeMarco Murray.

The owners meetings is going on (or happened?), and Jim Wyatt caught up with Mike Mularkey, and is giving us five key topics from that discussion. Topics up for discussion include: back up quarterbacks, safety rotation and Byard's role, upgrades to the weight room and training room, the expanded role of Luke Steckel, and an update on Mariota. On the topic of Byard; Mularkey says that Byard should get more opportunities this upcoming season, and that he anticipates his play to be even better in his second season because the "wide-eyed" factor will be gone.

Quick Hit: Mularkey talks about Mariota at the owners meetings.

Sticking with coaches at the owners meetings: Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn gives some praise for new return man Eric Weems. Dan Quinn calls Weems a "pretty rare dude," and that he is considered one of the best teammates you can have on your team. Weems was a Pro Bowler in 2010, ranked sixth in the NFL in punt returns last season, and will be reuniting with his old position coach Terry Robiskie in Tennessee.

Quick Hit: Mularkey returns to Biltmore after 25 years.

It's twerking tweaking time for the Titans! The Titans' board is set, but Robinson says it is subject to some shifting. Pro Day visits, individual workouts, and Nashville visits will do that. Robinson also says that sometimes you go away with one opinion after 15 minutes at the combine, and then come up with an entirely different one after getting to spend the day with the same player.

Quick Hit: Wesley Woodyard has key ingredient.

Bonus Link: Mike Mularkey and Dirk Koetter are watching each other.

That's all for today. Happy reading!