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NFL Combine 2017: Titans meet with running backs Christian McCaffrey, Alvin Kamara

More running backs coming to Nashville?

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Before you name off the Titans current running back depth chart to me in the comment section, consider who we are talking about here. These two guys are two of the most dynamic and versatile offensive weapons in this class. Both are explosive and can run in between the tackles, but they’ve also shown the ability to contribute as pass catchers.

This is something that the Titans could use. DeMarco Murray was great last season out of the backfield, but I’m betting that Mike Mularkey would like to keep him a little fresher next season. And let’s be honest with ourselves — Murray just turned 29 years old. How many years does he have left as a primary ball carrier?

Obviously Derrick Henry would step into the featured role, but having a guy like Kamara or McCaffrey in your back pocket to handle the passing downs would be a nice luxury. Both of these guys could handle some work in the slot right off the bat. McCaffrey probably more than Kamara, but having athletes that can make things happen is important in today’s NFL. The Titans don’t have any guys like that at receiver currently. Backs like this could be a chess piece for Terry Robiskie.

Another immediate gain? The return game. It’s no secret that this is a big need. Mariani essentially gave the Titans a fair catcher last year. They really need to find someone that can flip the field. Drafting one of these electric backs could be an option to fix that issue.

The problem with these two players is where they are slated to go. Most people feel that they are going late first, maybe even early second. The Titans don’t currently pick anywhere near that. I don’t think they become legitimate options unless Jon Robinson adds more day two selections.

Even then, can the Titans afford to take a luxury player like this with so many needs to fill? It’s hard to answer that without seeing what Robinson does in free agency, but the bottomline is that the Titans need playmakers, period. They don’t have any truly dynamic threats on offense. They need speed. They need guys that can make something happen for Mariota and take some pressure off of him.

Forget the listed position. Don’t tell me the Titans can’t use a guy like this.

I wouldn’t spend pick 18 on either player, but I’d consider it if I had multiple picks to spend on day two. We’ll see if Robinson can do that next month.