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2017 NFL Draft: Bill Barnwell Ranks Draft Capital

As expected, the Titans are high on this list.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The term “draft capital” has come to take a bigger meaning since Jon Robinson’s arrival in Nashville. As a rookie GM, Robinson parlayed his 1st overall selection in the 2016 NFL Draft into a slew of picks — ammunition, if you will. Robinson used some of that ammo to come back up from 15 to 8 to select Jack Conklin, who was named to the All-Pro team as a rookie right tackle.

The Titans have yet to cash in on the biggest part of that trade, but that’s going to change here in about a month. Tennessee ended up getting the 5th overall selection from the Rams this season, creating a massive amount of “draft capital.”

Bill Barnwell at wrote about and ranked the teams with the most draft capital and the teams with least. Unsurprisingly, the Titans ranked 2nd on the list. They only trailed the Cleveland Browns, who have stockpiled picks since their new regime took over.

The Titans may not have a 2nd round pick, but two 1st rounders and two 3rd rounders offer plenty of ability to maneuver in the draft. Jon Robinson will likely be able to get whoever he wants — outside of Myles Garrett — in the first round.

As I state every day, there isn’t an obvious selection with the 5th pick. There are concerns with every prospect, some greater than others. With Tennessee sitting just ahead of the quarterback needy Jets, I’m betting Robinson moves back again and adds to his capital. Nothing like last year’s haul, but he should be able to add some day two selections at least.

At some point you have to cash in on all these picks, however. I think this is the draft to do it, too. It’s loaded at some of the Titans biggest needs.