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Checking in on Marcus Mariota’s rehab: Yep, still a stud!

No surprise!

Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Jim Wyatt gives us an update on how the rehab is going for Marcus Mariota, and to no one’s surprise, Mariota is crushing it. He was seen in an on camera interview without his walking boot. Here is what Zen master Mariota had to say about rehabbing from his injury:

“There are different things both on and off the field that I can learn from (the injury),” Mariota said in an interview with KHON in Hawaii, “and it’s given me an opportunity to realize how special the game really is, and how special my opportunity really is to play, and every time I step on the field to just enjoy it because you don’t really know when the last one could come up.”

There was some question right after the injury happened if Mariota would be ready for training camp. What a crazy question. Why would anyone ever doubt MariGOATa’s ability to get himself ready?