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NFL mock draft 2017: Two rounds from Mocking the Draft

The pros and cons of it playing out this way.

Idaho v Washington Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Our friend Dan Kadar has put out his weekly mock draft. This week it is two rounds, which really isn’t any more exciting for us because the Titans have 2 first round picks but no 2nd round picks. This version of the mock has the Titans selecting Marshon Lattimore at 5 and John Ross at 18. That is becoming a popular combination.

Clearly I am not an NFL general manager, but it really feels like Robinson would have no choice but to take Ross with the 18th pick if the draft played out the way it did in Kadar’s mock. All of the offensive playmakers he might be interested in, Corey Davis, Mike Williams, and O.J. Howard, are off the board. Ross is the most dynamic guy left, and again, he fills exactly what the Titans need.

I love the potential in these two picks, but this first round would scare me to death. Both guys have pretty serious injury issues in the past. There is a high chance that both guys have trouble staying on the field.